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Altive Inc. creates fun and convenient apps.

We will produce multi-platform apps using Flutter, utilizing the app development know-how we have cultivated since before the company was founded👍

App Development

📱 New iOS / Android App Development

We use Flutter to create apps to be published to app stores for use on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and tablets.

🛠  Reasons to build with Flutter

Flutter makes it easy for a small number of people to create apps quickly and with guaranteed quality, which improves quality and shortens delivery time.

📈 Modification, operation and maintenance of existing apps

By using Flutter, it is possible to modify and operate iOS, Android, etc. at the same time.

🧑‍🏫  Technical Advisor for Flutter App Development

We can join your company's Slack and provide code reviews and advice on Flutter app development.
Example app production platforms: iOS, Android, Web, Mac, Windows

Company Information

We will provide a better experience through the application.
NameAltive Inc.
EstablishmentDecember 2020
Head Office LocationJapan Tokyo 101, Refua Minami Tokiwadai, 1-11-6 Minami Tokiwadai, Itabashi-ku
BusinessApplication Development
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Altive's business is the production of in-house applications as well as contracted development and technical consulting, and we mutually utilize our achievements and experience to develop high-quality and speedy applications.
Some of our production and cooperation achievements are introduced below.



Project Manager, Software Engineer
Freelance developer of native iOS apps, impressed by Flutter's excellent development experience, founded Altive, Inc. and built a team to develop multi-platform apps in Flutter.
As the representative director is a developer himself, he is very flexible and can respond to your requests.

Lead engineer KOBAYASHI Ryota

Software Engineer
Experienced in iOS native app development, currently working mainly on Flutter app development.
He also does personal development outside of work, and has released four different apps to date. Three of them are iOS apps implemented in Swift, and one is a cross-protatform app developed with Flutter+Firebase.

App Engineer NAKAMURA Kanako

She creates apps, mainly Flutter app development. He also plans and develops cross-platform apps on his own and releases them to the store.

Illustrator / General affairs MURAMATSU Ayumi

While taking on Altive's administrative and accounting duties, he also designs app icons and is involved in a wide range of other activities, including managing the app as a customer support representative.


Software Engineer OKUHATA Ryousuke

Full stack engineer specializing in multi-platform development.
Engaged in numerous apps development with a focus on Flutter app development.

Tech Blog

He contributes articles on engineering and programming related topics, including app development findings with Flutter.



Business hours: Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, etc.)
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