Corporate about

Altive is a company of talented software engineers who focus on the creation and operation of applications.
The name "Altive" is inspired by the word "Alternative" and symbolizes unlimited possibilities and flexible thinking.
Altive will continue to offer choices to the world by creating products that bring new discoveries and value to users.


To provide a rich choice from here to the world.


To create products that are used around the world with colleagues who have flexible values.



  • Deliver results first
  • Sustain and grow by helping people and getting paid for it


  • Psychological safety
  • support others
  • Say what needs to be said


  • compensate each other
  • Accept differences in people Accept feelings and changes in others Accept others' feelings and changes in others
  • Accept feelings and changes in others


  • Deliver products to many people with different values
  • Providing a rich variety of choices Providing a rich variety of choices Providing a rich variety of choices
  • Enrich Japan and the world around us


  • We enjoy development We enjoy development We enjoy development **We enjoy development
  • Discover ideas of rich choices through various experiences.


I want to be a company that produces high quality apps with excitement and makes our customers and users happy.

As the saying goes, "love makes the best of what you do." For me, one of the things I enjoyed doing and became good at was app development.
I believe that having fun is the key to developing high-quality apps, and I will work with other members who share this belief to create apps that make our customers and users happy.

Company profile

会社名Altive Inc.
Establishment dateDec 1, 2020
Location174-0072 Japn 101, Lehua Minami Tokiwadai, 1-11-6 Minami Tokiwadai, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
BusinessesSoftware development and operation
Capital stock¥ 1,000,000
Corporate ID number5011401022998


  • December 1, 2020: worked as a programmer developing business-to-business business apps using Java; became independent as a sole proprietor in 2018 and took on iOS app development as my main business, which I also continued to develop as an individual; took on corporate iOS app development; multi-platform apps in Flutter Incorporating development, he established an app development business corporation, Altive Inc. in December 2020.